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Discussion in 'Wolf Pack Sports Forum' started by NEVADAFan 1997, Sep 20, 2009.

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    Even though I don't think we are in "fire Ault" territory yet I think the sharks are certainly circling (Me being one of them). As many from the SBS chat board know, I've been an avid critic of Ault (not the kids, AULT!) and the loss to CSU was mistake laden by execution problems but that comes from the lack of coaching leadership and preparation. Again, I don't know if Ault isn't good enough to coach outside the WAC/Big West or if he just doesn't care about non-WAC games.

    So here is a question to those more appreciative of Ault: What would warrant an Ault firing? Or firing Ault isn't an option, he will never be fired "damnit, he's HOF Coach Ault!"?
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    Ault vs. the WAC

    Ault vs. the WAC (his most recent return)
    Boise State 0-5
    Fresno State 2-3
    Hawaii 1-4
    La Tech 4-1
    SJSU 4-1
    USU 4-0
    NMSU 3-1
    Idaho 4-0

    So that puts him at 3-12 against the good teams. One of the quotes from Ault when firing Tormey was that he could not beat Boise State, Hawaii, Fresno State, and UNLV on a consistant basis. The only aspect that Ault has done is beating UNLV on a regular basis. While important I would appreciate a BSU victory on occasion.

    My probelem with Ault is that he does not win games that he is not expected to. In the last five years he has won four games that he entered the game as an under dog as: +8 vs. Rice 2004, +1 vs. UNLV 2005, +15 vs. Fresno State 2005, and +3 @ UNLV in 2008.

    He has not had the basketball team beating Kansas moment yet. I just do not see it coming.
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    Re: Ault vs. the WAC

    I think Aults early success with the 9 win season hurts him now. He won so early in his return. Now... with the talent they have... how do they blow it so badly so far this year.

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